POPupART Frame #1
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POPupART Frame #1

The first POPupART frame can you find in Sneek, the town where I am born. Sneek is situated in Southwest Friesland in the Netherlands and is well known for its canals, the Waterpoort (Watergate, the symbol of the city), and watersports (hosting the annual Sneekweek, the largest sailing event on inland European waterways). Sneek is one of the Friese elf steden (“Eleven cities of Friesland”). 

The artwork Title is ‘Love Yourself’ but for me it also represents the small piece of my heart that will always remain in Sneek. (The place where I am born)

You can find the POPupART frame #1 at a very famous bakery close to the waterpoort. I hope you find it and place it some where in your home or give it to a friend.

Love & Happiness

Johannes Oppewal

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